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Wartune Hack Cheats Tool [Gold, Balens, Vouchers] [VIP]

Wartune is browser-based fantasy game with hybrid gameplay revolving around city building, single player training, multiplayer-based campaign exploring, and dungeon brawling. As the lord of the city, you need to expand your city, develop your economy and raise powerful armies to defeat demon hordes.

The game, originally published in China, is developed by 7Road, the maker of DDTank and It will be published in North America by R2games, a China-based gaming company behind anime RPG Crystal Saga.

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GoodGame Empire Hack Cheats Tool [Wood, Stone, Food, Coins, Rubies]

Goodgame Empire is a flash-based strategy game where you role play as a lord in the medieval castle, train soldiers, build a great empire and conquer other new territories.

The simple but lovely graphics and various characters are pure delights. As expected in strategy games, you can build barracks, woodcutters, stone quarries, farmhouses, storage, dwellings, and workshops and then upgrade them. All structures, except for the farmhouses, are made of wood, forming a wooden castle. I am keenly concerned about its vulnerability but still can’t deny that it seems so pretty anyway. It is common that in strategy games or simulation games a bunch of figures appear now and then and walk idly. But that is not the case in Empire where there are these people who do go to the forest for lumbering, the farmland for harvesting and the stone quarry for mining.

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CityVille Hack Cheats Tool [City Cash and Coins]

CityVille is one of most popular social games available at Facebook. The game is made by Zynga behind gamesFarmVille, Mafia Wars, and it incorporates elements from farm managing and city building simulations. CityVille turns out to be a hit at launch and remains popular in progress with supportive active monthly users on Facebook. And with five languages available, it is verified to call it an international game.

In Sep 28 2011, CityVille landed on Google Plus Network, dissipating all doubts that Zynga was exclusively partnering with Facebook.

It is also being challenged from the Sims Social, which has scored roughtly 65,471,547 monthly active users.

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Zynga Slingo Hack Cheats Tool [Cash and Coins]

Zynga Slingo offers five worlds to explore, each with 9 stages. In each stage, players are supposed to match all the numbers on the card. At the outset, the matching can be quite easy but as fewer and fewer numbers are on the card, the possibility that the same number appears in the spin row is getting smaller and smaller.

Zynga Slingo is all about luck. The gameplay is as simple as to have a cup of tea. I started the game after reading some reviews and introductions and realized how easy the game is.

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